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1. Who may join the Town of Manlius Trash/Brush Districts?
2. What is the cost for being in the Town of Manlius Trash and /or Brush Districts?
3. If I cancel my trash and/or brush enrollment during a year, will I get a reimbursement?
4. Who do I call for assistance when I have a problem with my trash and/or brush collection?
5. Where do I pick up a recycle bin?
6. What do I do with my broken or not longer needed recycle bin (s).
7. Does Syracuse Haulers provide me with a trash can(s)?
8. How do I put my trash/recyclables for disposals?
9. How do I put out my yard waste for disposal?
10. By what time of day am I required to have my trash/brush out for collection?
11. Is there any kind of a limit to how much trash, recyclables and brush I can put out for a pick-up day?
12. What do I do when I have a household item to dispose of that does not fall into the category of "normal household trash"?