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Report a Stormwater / Flooding Event

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  2. Manlius Watershed Stewards Stormwater Flooding Event

    This form can be used to share a stormwater / flooding event with the Manlius Watershed Stewards. The data collected on this form will be used by the committee only and should not be considered official correspondence to the Town of Manlius. 

    Use as much detail as possible in the long answer sections of this form. 

  3. Provide information on where the event occured. Addresses, tax map numbers, where on the property etc. 

  4. Cause of the Event

    Select the likely cause of the event. 

  5. Impact of Event
  6. Frequency of Event
  7. Size of Event
  8. Describe any additional details of the event that the Manlius Stormwater Stewards should know.   

  9. Do You Want to Be Contacted by a Watershed Steward Vounteer?
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