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May 25

Town Board Highlights - May 24, 2023

Posted on May 25, 2023 at 11:05 AM by Allison Weber

To view the full meeting please visit our You Tube Page here:

Meeting Highlights from the Clerk – 05/24/2023

Gun Violence Proclamation 

The Town Board adopted the 2023 Proclamation Declaring the First Friday in June National Gun Violence Awareness Day in the Town of Manlius 

Recreation Department Summer Show Policies & Jeff the Magic Man Contract

The Town Board adopted the updated recreation department summer show policies and approved a contract with Jeff the Magic Man for entertainment services during the summer recreation program. 

Local Law 2023-7 Amending Chapter 127 – Related to Subdivided Properties and Water Main Connections 

The Town Board adopted local law 2023-7 Amending Chapter 127 Of the Town of Manlius Code (Subdivision) To Clarify That Each Individual Subdivided Lot Shall Directly Tie Into Public Water Available To Such Lot. This law provides that current lots that do not have water service will tie directly into a water main and not pass through another building lot if the parcel is subdivided. 

Comprehensive Plan Public Hearing 

The Town Board set a date for a public hearing on June 28th, 2023, at 6:35 PM to hear public comment on and consider adopting the comprehensive plan.  

Zone Change Request – 4581 Enders Road – Commercial A (CA) to Commercial B (CB)

The Engineer for the Applicant made a presentation on the application for a zone change to change the parcel from Commercial A to Commercial B. The Town board did not refer the matter to the Planning Board. 

Proposed Local Law – Landscaping & Lawn Maintenance (Tall Grass) 

The Town Board set a date for a public hearing on June 14th at 6:35 PM for the proposed local law regarding landscaping and lawn maintenance (Tall Grass)

Set Date – Work Session – CNY Fair Housing 

The Town Board set a date for a town board work session on June 14th at 5:00 PM to discuss housing and zoning within the town of Manlius with CNY Fair Housing and to discuss other town business matters. 

MS4 Stormwater Report Public Meeting 

The Town Board set a date for the annual MS4 Stormwater Report Public meeting on June 15th at 4:00 PM to hear public comment on the draft report. 

Additional SPO – ESM School District  

The Town Board authorized the police department to begin the hiring process for an additional (SPO) Special Patrol Officer position for the ESM School District

Highway ROW – Hale Rd / Peck Hill Rd 

The Town Board authorized the Highway Superintendent and Supervisor to sign a Highway Permit submitted by Verizon NY Inc. to upgrade telecommunication infrastructure along Hale Road & Peck Hill Road. Town Officials will be contacting residents to notify them of upcoming work. 

Other matters were presented and discussed to learn more about those please visit our agenda center here:

To view the full meeting please visit our You Tube Page here:

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