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Feb 01

Town Board Highlights - January 26, 2022

Posted on February 1, 2022 at 1:10 PM by Allison Weber

Police Chief

ESM Request for an SPO

East Syracuse Minoa School District has requested an (SPO) Special Patrol Officer. The Town Board discussed the costs associated with administration of SIROs and SPOs. The Town Attorney will be drafting a contract with the ESM School District for an SPO for discussion at the next Town Board meeting.

Town Board

DEC Municipal Zero-Emission Vehicle Grant 

Councilor Denton announced that the Town has received a DEC Municipal Zero-Emission Vehicle Grant in the amount of $21,286 to fund the installation of four level two EV charging stations at Town Hall. The press release for this grant can be found here: https://www.governor.ny.gov/news/governor-hochul-adds-12-million-program-helps-consumers-save-2000-when-purchasing-electric

Zone Change Request - Medical Center Drive 

The Town Board referred the zone change request to the Planning Board from A&E & SNY Medical Center for a parcel located at medical center drive. The applicant is requesting a change in zoning from Restricted Agricultural (RA) to Commercial A (CA) for a high-end med spa and wellness center. The application can be found here: https://www.townofmanlius.org/AgendaCenter/ViewFile/Agenda/_01262022-705?html=true

Tree Commission

The Town Board appointed Elaine Ferguson to the position of Tree Commission Secretary. 

Other matters were presented and discussed to learn more about those please visit our agenda center here: https://www.townofmanlius.org/AgendaCenter

To view the full meeting please visit our You Tube Page here: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC3pS9-uTiX4l7aEgciGEVSA

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