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Jun 24

Planning Board Highlights - June 12, 2023

Posted on June 24, 2023 at 6:40 AM by Allison Weber

Planning Board Meeting Highlights from the Clerk – 06-12-2023

Tully’s Good Times Site Plan Amendment – Addition to the existing Tully’s – Towne Center

Member Rossetti made a motion, seconded by Member Kelly and carried unanimously to hold a Public Hearing on June 26, 2023, at approximately 6:35PM. 

Recommendation to Town Board – Local Law – Landscaping and Lawn Maintenance

This Board does not recommend that this legislation be accepted in its current form for the following reasons:

  • The definition in the proposed local law needs more specific scrutiny;  the terms used are not accurate in the industry and there are errors and omissions in the wording and definitions; 
  • The referenced data in this proposed legislation are a) incomplete ; b)  inappropriate; c) not specific enough for our locale.
  • The driving impetus for this legislation is unclear ; why does the NYS building code not enough to address this issue.
  • The uniformity of enforcement is a concern.
  • The overall invasion of privacy vs. the necessity needs to be better defined and reasoned. 
  • What is actually “hazardous” needs better definition.
  • The service of “notice’ and communication is problematic; inconsistency in the plan of communication of a  purported allegation is problematic. 

Other Business

Member Rossetti – at the previous meeting on June 12 the Board voted to approve an Amendment to Local Law Chapter 127-26 - Subdivision – which says where Public Water is available to a properly divided lot, each existing lot or lot to be created, shall be required to tie directly into the water line provided by the Onondaga County Water Authority. Attorney Sutphen stated that OCWA said that they would not allow it, so they asked the municipality to make it a part of the local code. Member Rossetti stated that he did not see the Local Law prior to the meeting/vote and is therefore opposed to the Amendment to the Local Law. He would like clarification from the Town Board Attorney regarding the amendment, specifically where public water is available to a properly subdivided lot. 

Conversation ensued regarding the Local Law and the Amendment to the Code. 

Member Rossetti made a motion, seconded Poltenson to issue a negative recommendation to the previously recommended Amendment to Local Law – Chapter 127-26 – Subdivision, specifically where public water is available to a properly subdivided lot. 

Ayes: Member Kelly and Member Salamone.

Nays: Chairman Lupia, Member Reynolds and Member Beecher.

Members Reynolds, Beecher and Chairman Lupia all affirmed their previous positive recommendation. 

Member Reynolds would like the Board to come up with or update the current  Design Standards for the Site Plan review process.

Conversation ensued regarding design standards. 

Member Reynolds made a motion, seconded by member Rossetti and carried unanimously to send a recommendation to the Town Board to form a committee for design standards.

To learn more about this meeting, please visit our agenda center here: https://www.townofmanlius.org/AgendaCenter/Planning-Board-3

To view the full meeting please visit our YouTube page here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zuns8eAo884

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