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Jan 10

Planning Board Highlights - January 9, 2023

Posted on January 10, 2023 at 2:58 PM by Allison Weber

Planning Board Meeting Highlights from the Clerk – 01-9-2023

1. Ron Dimon – 4911 Palmer Rd, Manlius – 2 Lot Subdivision – Public Hearing 

The Board held a Public Hearing and approved the subdivision.

2.  A&E & SNY – Decision - Site Plan – Med Spa – Behind Resort Lifestyles 

The Board approved the project subject to Legal, Engineering and the 11 items that were stated at the meeting. The use can only be used as presented on the plan and a Building permit has to be pulled within 1 year.

3.    Brolex Enterprises – 5912 North Burdick Street, E. Syracuse, NY 13057

Possible Decision - Zone Change Recommendation to Town Board – RA and Commercial to R3 - Megnin Farms – Route 5 at East Genesee Street and Strawmount Trail - Tax Map #’s 082.2-01-02.0 and 082.2-01-03.0 The Board sent a negative Zone Change recommendation to the Town Board. There was a resolution prepared and it is on file in the Planning and Development Office as well as in the Board minutes.

4.    CVE North America - Discussion - Site Plan Amendment – Duguid Rd Solar

The Board decided that the amended items will have no impact and approved the project.

5.    Twin Ponds Housing LLC - Initial Presentation – Residential Portion - 5440 N Burdick St, Fayetteville

The Board generally likes the project. Still some work to do before any approvals will be given. The Board tabled the project.

To learn more about this meeting, please visit our agenda center here: https://www.townofmanlius.org/AgendaCenter/Planning-Board-3

To view the full meeting please visit our YouTube page here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Zuns8eAo884

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