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Nov 15

Planning Board Highlights - November 14, 2022

Posted on November 15, 2022 at 2:12 PM by Allison Weber

Planning Board Meeting Highlights from the Clerk – 11-14-2022

1.    Discussion with the Mayor of Chittenango regarding Megnin Farms

      Mayor Bough Martin spoke about the capacity of the lift stations and the sewers. She asked the Board to not approve the project without talking to the Village of Chittenango first.

2.    Grazi Zazzara Jr. Zone Change Recommendation to Town Board – Eastern Hills Bible Church - RA to RM – 4600 Enders Road

      The Board tabled the discussion until the – 11-28-22 meeting. 

3.    Horizon Solar Power and Catalyze Energy - Initial Presentation – 4.25 MW Solar Array – 7869 Peck Road, Kirkville, 13082

       The Board declared themselves Lead Agency in terms of SEQR and stated that this project is a Type 1 action. The Board then tabled the discussion for further review.

4.    Dennis Flynn – 7418 Kirkville Road, E. Syracuse, NY 13057 - Special Use Permit Renewal - Dog Boarding 

       The Board approved the Special Use Permit for a period of 7 years to expire on 11-01-2029.

To learn more about this meeting, please visit our agenda center here:

To view the full meeting please visit our YouTube page here:

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