Neighborhood Sidewalk Program

Interested in adding sidewalks in your neighborhood?

The Town of Manlius has created the Neighborhood Sidewalk Program (NSP) to help. In order to build sidewalks in the Town of Manlius, the Town Board needs to create a sidewalk special district. With the NSP, neighbors can organize their neighborhoods to show support for a specific sidewalk project enabling the Town Board to create a sidewalk district if the project meets the goals of the NSP. 

NSP Documents

NSP Process


Project requests will be evaluated on the following criteria. These criteria will be used to determine a priority for implementation of the neighborhood requests:

  • Safety
  • Trip Generators
  • Land Use (Zoning) 
  • Neighborhood Cost Share Amount / Availability of Grants 
  • Construction Feasibility, including available funding, geographic constraints and right of ways. 
  • Public Support 

Goals of the NSP

  • Improved safety
  • Improved pedestrian mobility
  • Improved connectivity to schools
  • Improved connectivity to parks and recreation facilities
  • Improved connectivity between multiple land uses
  • Improved connectivity to transit options

No matter what road you see in the town. Someone walks there. We need to make it safer for pedestrians to walk through the Town of Manlius. If we improve pedestrian mobility and to connectivity to transit options we increase use of an alternative form of transportation which can decrease traffic and our carbon footprint. By connecting our schools, parks, villages and businesses we will have a healthier lifestyle by improving residents health and helping businesses.


  1. Meet with the Town Supervisor or a Town Councilor to present your proposed project and to review the process of creating a sidewalk district in your neighborhood.
  2. A neighborhood group, Homeowners’ Association or an individual gathers petition signatures from property owners in the desired neighborhood showing support for the project. The Town Board requires at least 65% of property owners in the proposed neighborhood to show support by the petition signatures.
  3. Once the application and petition are verified by the Town Clerk, the proposed project will be presented at a Town Board meeting.
  4. If accepted by the Town Board, the town engineer will draft a map, plan and report. This report would include who will be included in the sidewalk district, estimation of costs and grant opportunities.
  5. Once the map, plan and report is completed, an informational neighborhood meeting will be held to discuss options and cost with residents.
  6. A required public hearing will be scheduled to hear from residents and present the final proposed sidewalk plan.
  7. After a public hearing is held, the town board can vote on creating a new sidewalk district which will be subject to a permissive referendum
  8. If no petition for referendum is filled within 30 days and the state comptroller approves, the town board resolution becomes effective and the new sidewalk district is formed. 
  9. Once the sidewalk district has been formed, the Town & residents will apply for grants, set up funding for the project and go out to bid for the project.
Neighborhood Sidewalk Program Process