Accident Investigation Team

In addition to the Traffic Unit, the Town of Manlius Police Department’s Accident Investigation Team (AIT) plays a critical role in our commitment and responsibility to the motoring public. 


The team is comprised of 2 sergeants and 4 patrol officers. 


The team responds to all fatal motor vehicle collisions in the Town of Manlius as well as serious physical injury collisions or serious crashes involving a Town of Manlius Municipally owned vehicle. On-call responsibilities are split evenly among team members and rotate weekly, with 2 members on call each week. 


The team utilizes the Nikon TTM-322 Total Station for scene measurement. In 2012, the Town of Manlius Police Department purchased the ARAS 360 Technologies crash reconstruction software package to provide the AITs with a more professional and capable program for crash reconstruction. The team trains on a quarterly basis each year and is consistently evaluating the program and making whatever changes are possible to stay on top of the curve in regards to crash reconstruction.