Police Department

National Accreditation, Town of Manlius, Integrity and Service, Police, State AccreditationThe Town of Manlius Police Department (TMPD) is a full service law enforcement agency committed to providing Community Oriented Policing Services to the residents and businesses within our community.


Our mission is to serve with commitment and dedication to safety and security and to provide services that exceed expectations.

TMPD is a team of men and women who are professional, polite and service oriented. These dedicated professionals, both sworn and civilian, exemplify the spirit of community oriented and problem solving policing and pride themselves on working hard to keep our town a quality place to live, work or visit.

Mission Statement

The mission of the Town of Manlius Police Department is to create and maintain a partnership with our community by compassionately solving problems through effective communication while utilizing both a constitutional and a community policing model with the goal of earning trust and respect.

Our Values

We will:

  • Maintain the highest level of integrity
  •  Be self critical and accountable for our commitments and results
  •  Treat all persons with compassion, respect and dignity
  •  Engage in open, honest communication
  •  Always seek to provide the highest quality of service
  •  Preserve and safeguard individual rights and liberties

Our Vision

Our vision is to provide effective and efficient police services to our citizens, in the most professional, polite, and service oriented manner possible by tailoring our operations to meet the needs and expectations of our community.

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