Comprehensive Planning Committee

After a 3 year process, the Town Board adopted the Town of Manlius's first Comprehensive Plan on July 26, 2023.


Executive Summary

Although the Town of Manlius has had a zoning code for many years, it did not have a comprehensive plan to articulate the community’s overarching vision, goals, and strategies for future growth, development, and preservation. 

Councilors Sara Bollinger and Heather Waters initiated an effort to engage community members in developing a comprehensive plan reflective of priorities set by residents, not developers. Using several outreach techniques, including listening sessions, focus groups, study groups, open houses, and work sessions, all of which were open to the public, the Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee gathered input from all parts of the Town. Community members expressed their desire to ‘preserve what we love’ about the Town of Manlius, including open spaces and safe neighborhoods. They shared concerns about flooding, traffic, and suburban sprawl. For future planning, there was support for better bicycle and pedestrian routes, interest in affordable housing, and environmental concerns about a proposed quarry. The Steering Committee also considered the possible impact of the proposed Micron chip fab in Clay. Consensus developed around the following goals:

  • Environmental Protection & Sustainability 
  • Community Character & Quality of Life 
  • Welcoming & Healthy Neighborhoods 
  • Diverse & Local Commerce 
  • Modern Transportation Networks 
  • Responsive Government Operations

The Comprehensive Plan is organized in three sections. The first part describes current conditions using census and other data sources to outline current land uses and the demographics of the people in the Town of Manlius. The middle of the report is focused on the Vision, Goals, Objectives, and Implementation Items to be considered by the Town over the next ten years to achieve these goals. The final section describes a preferred future for the Town. This includes not only potential land uses, but also design preferences for site layout and architectural styles. 

This Comprehensive Plan is intended to establish the general framework for achieving the community’s future vision, rather than presenting a single, rigid course of action. The implementation of the Plan’s recommendations should be pursued in an opportunistic manner based on urgency, cost, and the availability of lead agencies. Moreover, the Comprehensive Plan should be read as a living document. Edits and modifications may be made in the future in response to the evolving needs of the Town of Manlius. Thus, the Steering Committee is committed to meet and reflect on this Plan at least annually, with the purpose of identifying which recommendations are completed, ongoing, or untouched, if any modifications are needed, and which recommendations are the highest priority. 


Important Documents

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Previous Updates

For an update from the co-chairs of the Town's Comprehensive Planning Committee, read this article in the Eagle Bulletin from December 6, 2021. 

Watch the Old Erie Canal Listening Session - January 20, 2022

Learn about this local waterfront revitalization initiative and our potential projects. Panelists share information on the Old Erie Canal as a physical asset and resource within the Town, as a waterway, State Park, and tourism/economic development

Watch the Virtual Public Workshop on May 4, 2021 at 6:30pm.

A Public Workshop was conducted via Zoom Webinar and recorded. At this Workshop, the Barton & Loguidice Consultant Team reviewed the benefits and basics of comprehensive planning; outlined the proposed process, timeline, and scope of the planning effort; and launched the community survey.   

If you did not attend the Public Workshop on May 4, you are encourage to view the recording of the Workshop for more information and background on this project at 

Virtual Listening Sessions

In 2020, the Town of Manlius held virtual listening sessions to prepare for the comprehensive planning process. 

Our History

Watch a history chat with Town of Manlius Historian, Barbara Rivette. Together with our Village partners, we have pulled some fantastic pictures that will help our Comprehensive Plan Committee members (and the general public) understand the life of the Town that past generations of residents experienced.

Our Economy 

Featuring the Manufacturers Association of CNY & Greater Manlius Chamber of Commerce

Our Natural Environment 

Featuring Dr. Neil B. Murphy, President Emeritus of SUNY ESF, to understand and celebrate our water, limestone, and everything in-between.

Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee

Steering committee members will be expected to engage in the broader public events. We will work together to gather community input identifying the services needed by our community, review existing land use patterns and practices and present a plan with recommendations to the Town Board for public comment. 

Councilor Heather WatersCasey Koehle
Councilor Sara BollingerLeah Kraus
Paul BernMarissa Mims
Karrie CatalinoNicole Potocki
Kay GalleryBobby Schepp
Donald GatesPaul Whorrall
Rick HallJoe Lupia (Spring 2021 - Spring 2022)
Bill Kirchoff