Disposal of Other Items

Paint Cans

Paint cans need to have the paint emptied out of them and then be completely dried out. Kitty litter can help with drying them out. Then, remove the can lids and put the cans next to your trash can and not inside of them. The lids can be thrown in the trash can. There is no limit on the number of paint cans, they should be ut into a garbage bag and each bag must not weigh over 50 pounds each.


Boxes, including moving boxes, must be flattened/cut into sizes no bigger than 3 by 3 feet. Tie them together and then they can be placed inside your recycle bin. Whatever does not fit into your recycle bin may be tied together and then set next to the recycling bin. If you need to you may leave one or two boxes assembled and use these to hold packing paper and then set next to the recycle bin. If you have packaging paper to dispose of, leave one or two of your moving boxes assembled and pack as much of the packing paper into the box(es) as you can. Then just put boxes with the paper out to the curb on your trash day.

Carpeting/Carpet Remnants

Small throw rugs may be bagged and included in your weekly trash pick-up.  Your larger carpets and remnants will be picked up by Syracuse Haulers for a fee.  You must contact them to find out the fee and to arrange a special pick-up date.  These larger pieces must be prepared ahead for the special pick-up.  Please cut your carpet into strip(s) no longer than three feet on one side.  Then roll them up and bind them with any kind of tape or rope or string.  There is a weight restriction of 55 to 75 lbs.


Put used sharps in an empty detergent bottle, firmly duct-tape the cap on, label the bottle “sharps” and then place the bottle in your recycle bin.  Another option is to call the hospitals to find out where and when to drop these off at (i.e. St. Joseph’s Hospital.

Large Items

Large items include (but are not limited to) the following:
  • Construction debris (including plywood)
  • Furniture
  • Toilets
  • Sinks
These items cannot be put out with your regular trash for removal. Syracuse Haulers will remove these items for a fee. Please contract them directly to arrange for a pick-up. You may also contact OCCRA (Onondaga County Resource Recovery Agency, 315-453-2866 or Camillus Land Fill (315-488-4846).

Household Batteries

There are battery drop-off receptacles at the Wegmans grocery stores. Please see the OCCRA website (or call them) to find out how to prepare your batteries  for disposal.

OCRRA has a battery disposal month every year in the month of July.  Contact OCRRA, the Trash and Brush Coordinator or the Town Hall Clerk’s office for the designated bag to place these in. Then, just place the disposal bag on top of your trash can on any trash day during July. OCRRA also accepts batteries year round at their Rock Cut Road location.  Vehicle batteries are not accepted by OCRRA. Please return it to the place of purchase.

Note: Bodow Recycling also accepts auto batteries (all lead acid batteries), copper, aluminum, brass, stainless steel, catalytic converts, scrap cars & farm machinery, non- ferrous metals to name a few.


Syracuse Haulers will not pick up any fiberglass at all since it is hazardous waste. You must contact OCCRA to dispose of any fiberglass. The contact OCCRA phone number is 315-453-2866.

Broken Glass

Wrap the broken glass in newspaper and seal it shut someway (i.e. a strong tape, inside a plastic bag). Then label the packaging "broken glass" so as to protect the haulers as they handle it.

Mulch, Soil, Sod

Syracuse Haulers will not take any mulch or soil.  If you are putting out bushes, plants etc. make sure all sod is removed from the roots. Also, any shrubs/bushes must be cut into sections no bigger than 3 X 3 feet. When you put them out to the road, place them upside down with the roots showing.


Syracuse Haulers will dispose of these for you for a fee. They will also dispose of the tire rims but be sure to have any rims REMOVED from the tires before putting them out for pick-up by Syracuse Haulers.

Freezer/Refrigerator/Air Conditioner/Dehumidifier/Old appliances

You may contact Syracuse Haulers. They will pick any of these items up for a fee. You will have to contact them for a price quote.  There is a higher fee for any items containing freon.  

They take any appliances including those with freon. You must find a way to transport your unwanted item(s) there yourself. OCCRA does not supply any pick-up services.  The current charges are $ 15.00 for one appliance.  If there are other items in your vehicle, there will be an additional charge.

You may contact “Appliances Unlimited”.  This business will help you dispose of freezers, refrigerators, air conditioners, and dehumidifiers. They also supply pick-up services for these items if you wish. Contact them for current fees and further details.

Household Hazardous Waste

With a reservation, Onondaga County residents can drop off toxic household materials (including mercury thermometers) year round Monday through Friday, 6:30am to 6:00 pm at Environmental Products and Services of Vermont, free of charge.  Please contact OCRRA at 315-453-2866 or visit their website at www.ocrra.org for more information and to schedule your reservation.  When contacting OCCRA please be sure to note the list of acceptable and non-acceptable items for disposal.  Syracuse Haulers will not accept any items containing mercury.  

Fluorescent Bulbs

 OCCRA has a free recycling program for these items:
Fluorescent Tubes up to 4 feet in length  can be dropped off at any True Value or Ace Hardware.  Any tubes longer than 4 feet must be part of
OCCRA’s Household Hazardous Waste program.
 Fluorescent Spiral Bulbs can be dropped off at any Lowes or Home Depot. 

Telephone Books, paperback books and magazines

These items are now recyclable and can be placed in your recyle bin.  Hardcover books must be placed in the TRASH.

Plastic containers

(Which plastic containers go in the recycle bin?)
#1 and #2 plastic BOTTLES and #5 plastic tubs go in the recycling bin (no lids please; these go in the trash). You may also put # 3 plastic containers in the recycles. Not included in the # 3’s are the flexible black and green planters (i.e. the containers that hold plants you purchase from a nursery). 
Any plastic container/ bottle with a number other than 1,2, 3 (excluding planters), and  5 goes in the trash.

Mercury Thermometers and Thermostats

OCCRA accepts these. It is considered Household Hazardous Waste.  Please contact OCCRA for more information.  You can fill out a card and receive in exchange from OCCRA one digital thermometer and one five dollar Home Depot gift certificate (only one per household).  Syracuse Haulers does not accept any items containing mercury.

Propane tanks, fire extinguishers, empty helium tanks

Propane tanks:  ONLY empty one-lb camping propane tanks may be thrown in the trash (NOT the blue bin).  The large 20-lb tanks (used with full-sized outdoor grills) can be refilled and reused repeatedly.  Never put the 20 lb and larger into the trash or blue bin.  If you cannot reuse your 20 lb or larger tank, please contact OCCRA for a list of businesses that will accept the propane tanks for recycling. This list includes Bodow Recycling on Park Street, Syracuse and BJ’s Wholesale Club in East Syracuse. Call the business of your choice first to find out about any restrictions and charges.
Fire extinguishers?  Syracuse Haulers will NOT pick these up. Please contact OCCRA for information on disposing of these. Another option is Bodow Recycling.

Empty Helium Tanks

Syracuse Haulers will NOT pick these up as they
are considered hazardous waste.  Please contact OCCRA for information
on disposing of these.  Another option is Bodow Recycling.


After the shrubs are pulled out make sure all sod is removed from the roots.  Then cut the shrub in half, and bundle each half with string or hemp twine as tightly as you can and then put all bundles out to the road for pick-up by Syracuse Haulers.

Construction Debris

Syracuse Haulers will pick this up FOR A FEE. Two other options are Camillus Landfill or OCCRA. Please contact any of these businesses for prices and details.
Plastic grocery bags?  Plastic grocery bags are no longer acceptable as recyclables. If you want to get rid of them they can be returned to the grocery store.

TVs and other electronics

TVs: Best Buy stores (no consoles), Battery World (charge for consoles), 
The Salvation Army stores, in general, accept working tv’s only, no consoles.  However, the Salvation Army store on Erie Blvd does accept console tvs, even if not working. The only prerequisite is that the console not be physically damaged.  You may also check out 
Tech Reworks, IITRG, Sunnking ( www.sunking.com): Call any of these for details/pricing.  Sunnking holds annual free electronics recycling events. See their web site for an event near you.  Or contact OCCRA upcoming electronic recycling events  Some trash haulers will take your console tvs for a fee (i.e. Syracuse  Haulers).  Call for details/pricing.

OCCRA does NOT accept any tvs at all.

Various electronics (call for details/pricing):

  • Best Buy – Computers, printers, radios, stereos.
  • Bruin Computer, 
  • Tech Reworks, 
  • Sunnking