Trash & Recycling Pickup

This Trash District information is for the Town of Manlius. If you live in the Villages of Fayetteville, Manlius or Minoa please contact your village for trash questions.

Trash Company

Trash pickup in the Town of Manlius is performed by Syracuse Haulers. For any questions regarding your trash or recycling pickup, please call Syracuse Haulers at (315) 426-6771 or the Town of Manlius at (315) 637-8815. Sharon Lake, Trash & Brush Coordinator can be reached via email at

Cost of Service

The 2024 annual cost for Town of Manlius trash disposal is:

  • $360 for a one-family residence
  • $722 for a two-family residence
  • $1003 for a three-family residence

There is a prorate for mid year enrollments.


Once enrolled in the Town of Manlius Trash District, the annual charge will appear on your annual January property tax bill. To enroll, contact Sharon Lake, Trash & Brush Coordinator via email at or at (315) 637-8815. Please be sure to leave a contact phone number.

Cancelling Service

The deadline for cancelling a trash service is September 1st. The request must be submitted in writing and include a contact phone number. The cancellation will be effective January 1st of the following year. There are no mid-year cancellations. 

Pick-Up Times

Be sure to have your trash/recycles out either the night before your pickup day or by 6 a.m. of your pickup day. Pickups will occur between the hours of 6 a.m. and 5 p.m. To find out the pickup day for your street, contract either Syracuse Haulers or the Town of Manlius or see the trash pickup schedule. Delays may occur due to various circumstances (i.e. bad weather, mechanical issues, etc.).

Trash Containers

Syracuse Haulers will provide 95 or 65 gallon trash and recycling containers as they make the switch to automated trucks. Once Syracuse Haulers delivers the new containers, you will need to use the containers provided by Syracuse Haulers.  

The Town of Manlius has worked with Syracuse Haulers to allow for residents to swap to the smaller 65 gallon cart until August 31, 2022 for no fee. Please click the button below and fill out the form to request smaller containers. 

Request 65 Gallon Containers


  • The lids of the containers that Syracuse Haulers provides must be shut; no trash should be sticking out. 
  • Items that belong in the trash bin must be bagged. Nothing can be loose.

    (NOTE: items that belong in the recycling bin must be loose, in order for them to get sorted properly. Do not put any recyclables inside paper or plastic bags. While paper bags can be recycled, they should be placed in the bin empty.)

Recycling & Electronic Waste

Not sure if an item is recyclable? Find a printable version of Onondaga County’s recycling rules here. Still stuck? Visit to look up your item on a searchable database. You can also email or call OCRRA at (315) 453-2866 for help. Here is guidance for recyclable items we’re asked about often: cardboard boxes, phone books, paperback books, catalogs and magazines and plastic containers.

There are several items that don’t belong in your curbside bin but can be dropped off for recycling, including batteries, televisions and other e-waste, fluorescent bulbs, mercury thermostats and thermometers, leftover paint and plastic grocery bags

NOTE: empty paint cans, latex or oil based, belong in the trash where they will ultimately be recovered for recycling. Never place empty paint cans in the recycling bin.

Disposal of Other Items

Find guidelines for items that require special preparation or separation from your curbside recycling and trash including, large furniturefiberglasshelium tankshousehold hazardous wastefire extinguishersneedles and other sharpspropane tanks, and more!